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prevent caching of files

Version them in their with their timestamp. This way, when they change, the link will change and the browser will reload the sitemap… Otherwise it will be fine to be cached as it wont have changed.

Cross-browser bookmark link

‘Bookmark Me’ is a sort of IE thing and doesn’t usually work in FireFox, Safari, Chrome, etc.. so as a FireFox user I’ve never bothered with a bookmark links before.
FireFox users know that Ctrl+D is the shortcut for these browsers, and that most ‘Bookmark Me’ links just aren’t work clicking – as they won’t work.

And then I found this…

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Shortcut Icon (favicon.ico)

In short, a 16x16px bitmap, renamed, in the web root. Or is it?

This minimal approach does actually work, but done properly, they should have a few different size versions in the same file, so that not only do they show in the URL bar, and now more recently in the tabs as well (IE8+, FF3+), but also display a different (clearer) version when dragged to the desktop.
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