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Shortcut Icon (favicon.ico)

In short, a 16x16px bitmap, renamed, in the web root. Or is it?

This minimal approach does actually work, but done properly, they should have a few different size versions in the same file, so that not only do they show in the URL bar, and now more recently in the tabs as well (IE8+, FF3+), but also display a different (clearer) version when dragged to the desktop.
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Using CSS for form layout (No more tables.. )

Form fields need to line up. OK. Historically this was achieved using a table, and masses of markup. Although that’s still acceptable and would not fail validation, there is an easier and better way that uses less code and where using the correct tags will also cause the ‘name’ field become focused when you clicked the ‘name’ label.

Using CSS we can achieve this using less code, while providing improved usability.

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Forced scroll bars in FF

Find switching between IE and FF annoying? Does the site jump sideways all the time? This is because IE will ALWAYS reduce the window size and display the scroll bar, even if it is not used. FF wont display it unless it is required (as it should be).
OK, this is the ‘wrong way solution’, but it solves the problem. Force the scrollbar in FF.
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