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Forced scroll bars in FF

Find switching between IE and FF annoying? Does the site jump sideways all the time? This is because IE will ALWAYS reduce the window size and display the scroll bar, even if it is not used. FF wont display it unless it is required (as it should be).
OK, this is the ‘wrong way solution’, but it solves the problem. Force the scrollbar in FF.
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InLine or Block elements…?

OK, Bear with this, its quite handy when you understand it.

Block Elements

 <div>, <p>, <h1>, <form>, <ul>, and <li>

* Always begin on a new line
* Height, line-height and top and bottom margins can be manipulated
* Width defaults to 100% of their containing element, unless a width is specified

Inline elements

<span>, <a>, <label>, <input>, <img>, <strong> and <em>

* Begin on the same line
* Height, line-height and top and bottom margins can’t be changed
* Width is as long as the text/image and can’t be manipulated

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images in links..? no more borders….

If you use images in links, then you (like the rest of the world) probably hate the blue outline that they are given by default by being inside an <a href tag, so you add border=0 to every <img tag.  Fine. It works.

But here is a far nicer, cleaner solution that will save yourself valuable characters.  Add it to the stylesheet!

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