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RSS Feed reader – simple PHP class

A while ago I wrote my own RSS reader. It wasn’t that hard. But, occasionally you stumple across code like this example below that does the same thing as yours does, but sort of puts yours to shame. (Well, my version is about 3 years old now…).

So I cut down the original class and kept the bits I needed – and transferred all my implementations to the new method. Nothing changed on the front end, but I learnt a lot…

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How To Download and Upload Files Over FTP

Taken from

The below given listing illustrates the process. First, a connection to the FTP server is initialized with a call to ftp_connect(); this function returns a connection handle that is used in all subsequent calls. The ftp_login() function is then used to log in to the server, while the ftp_close() function is used to terminate the connection and end the session. Between the calls to ftp_connect() and ftp_disconnect(), it is possible to perform all the actions commonly associated with an FTP session.

The below given listing illustrates four of the most common: listing files using ftp_nlist(); uploading files with ftp_put(); downloading files with ftp_get(); and deleting files with ftp_delete(). Note that ftp_put() and ftp_get() must be supplied with the remote and local file name, together with the transfer type (binary or ASCII).

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