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How To Download and Upload Files Over FTP

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The below given listing illustrates the process. First, a connection to the FTP server is initialized with a call to ftp_connect(); this function returns a connection handle that is used in all subsequent calls. The ftp_login() function is then used to log in to the server, while the ftp_close() function is used to terminate the connection and end the session. Between the calls to ftp_connect() and ftp_disconnect(), it is possible to perform all the actions commonly associated with an FTP session.

The below given listing illustrates four of the most common: listing files using ftp_nlist(); uploading files with ftp_put(); downloading files with ftp_get(); and deleting files with ftp_delete(). Note that ftp_put() and ftp_get() must be supplied with the remote and local file name, together with the transfer type (binary or ASCII).

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