Monthly Archives: August 2007

Logging user activity

Logging user activity is vital when there are multiple authors for a site. It also helps with debugging user activity when there is problems. You certainly don’t want to be putting this into a database, so the next best thing is a nice little text file.
I have used this to log user activity in a number of sites, as it can easily be added after development. In this example, $PAGE and $pageTitle are set in each page as they are used to determine menu selections, etc.. but these can easily be set manually.
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Forced scroll bars in FF

Find switching between IE and FF annoying? Does the site jump sideways all the time? This is because IE will ALWAYS reduce the window size and display the scroll bar, even if it is not used. FF wont display it unless it is required (as it should be).
OK, this is the ‘wrong way solution’, but it solves the problem. Force the scrollbar in FF.
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